“I started running because I was a couch potato!!………….Theresa Morrison, 30th September 2015

“I started running because I was a couch potato!!………….

I found I really liked it! I am slow, however motivation from Ally and Andrew kept me at it.

I started to fit into my clothes better and feel healthier. I was determined to keep at and I think I’ve only missed a couple of sessions apart from holidays, as if I didn’t go, I know I would vegetate again!

I find it totally de-stresses you and sometimes when you feel a bit low it clears your mind.

My proudest moment was completing the 10k in Glasgow!

I got my friend Laura involved and she has done amazing.

For me also though, I have actually made really amazing friends through RCD and am proud to say I am a part of it. Everyone is so welcoming and cares for each other.

………….we have good social events too”!!

Theresa Morrison, 30th September 2015