“I started running as part of my journey in getting fitter and slimmer”…………….. Ruth Dickson, 29th March 2016

“I started running as part of my journey in getting fitter and slimmer”……………….

Over the last 3-4 years I’ve lost a huge amount of weight & I’d been working on my fitness more intensely during that time. I’d always tried to be active, however my weight had held me back in ability and confidence.

As the weight came off I had more of both though and that’s when I started running. I’d never focused my exercise around running, my preferred sport had always been swimming. I would do maybe 15 minutes on the treadmill as part of a gym workout or 1.5 miles outdoors, it was never my main focus though and I didn’t enjoy it, I felt self conscious and silly.

However, this feeling began to fade as I became fitter and slimmer. I felt the small runs I was doing becoming easier and a bit more enjoyable. I watched the London Marathon on TV last year and was really inspired. I decided to enter the ballot, unsuccessfully, and entered the Edinburgh Marathon. I’m still not sure why I decided to dive straight in to marathons, as at that point I had never done any events at all and barely completed a 5k at much more than a fast walk!

I remembered a colleague I worked with telling me her Mum had a running group. I put off asking her about it though as I was quite nervous about joining a group.

I finally did though and went along on a gorgeous Tuesday night last June. We ran around the country park in Dalkeith and it was fantastic. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. The banter was great, a lot of laughs and the atmosphere was light and fun, no pressure to run fast or to get good times etc. Ally made sure I was ok and we took breaks when I needed to. Throughout the run, Ally gave lots of advice and encouragement. I was so glad I’d come along, I loved it.

Since then there have been many more country park runs, improved times, less stops, bigger distances & more hills .  As well as runs in other great places, social/charity events, new friends, a half Marathon under my belt, lots more confidence and a great sense of achievement .

I’m half way into the Marathon training and going through it with the group is fantastic & so supportive, I can’t wait to be part of such an amazing day with everyone.

The next goal will be getting the last few stones off and getting my times down! I’ve some people to chase and eventually catch up with at parkrun!!;)